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Traveller's Personal Liability

1.1 “The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) recognises that climbing, hill walking, and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.”


IOW believes that when activities become predictable and completely safe (if that is even possible), they cease being exciting and lose their element of adventure. Adventures always have a possibility of an uncertain outcome and always carry risks. IOW informs their Travellers at the start of the trip of the risks associated with the trip, as well as the processes that IOW uses to manage and mitigate risks. It is essential to understand that IOW cannot remove all risks for its Travellers, trip leaders or the people around them. 


1.2. At the start of the trip, the Traveller is aware that IOW does not have accident insurance or public liability insurance and is therefore aware that they are not insured by IOW should an accident occur as a result of a situation in which the Traveller is at fault. Based on the above, IOW strongly recommends its Travellers take out personal travel, accident and cancellation insurance suitable for the activities during the trip.


1.3. IOW asks Travellers to be aware that going into mountain areas and wild nature is a potentially dangerous activity. Anyone joining IOW tours and mountain hikes must seriously consider potential hazards and take full responsibility for their participation as well as acknowledge and accept these risks.


1.4. At the start of the trip, the Traveller confirms that they have received comprehensive and sufficient information from IOW about the risks associated with the activities and possible cases of injury.


1.5. At the start of the trip, the Traveller confirms that they do not suffer and have not suffered from illnesses that can cause acute attacks.


1.5.1. Neither IOW nor any of its representatives shall be liable for illness, injury or death incurred during the trip, unless such illness, injury or death is caused by IOW's representative's gross negligence, nor is IOW liable for any uninsured damages for any personal property or equipment taken on the trip.


1.6. At the start of the trip the Traveller confirms that they are not under the influence of alcohol, strong drugs or other narcotic substances. 


1.7. Any claim against IOW is governed by English law and any action must be brought in the court of IOW's seat.


I have read the above thoroughly and understand what the Traveller Liability and IOW Travel Conditions mean. I understand that by paying both the deposit and the rest of the total price of the trip to IOW, I accept the risks that the trip may involve. 

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