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Institute of Wander’s small group hiking trips change together with the seasons. Come along with us this autumn to hike the remote lunar landscapes in Egypt or join us to explore Oman's unique cultural and natural landscapes. We spend a lot of time travelling on foot, get up and personal with everything local and venture deep into the wild.

Upcoming Trips

  • The White Desert Expedition
    The White Desert Expedition
    Sat, 19 Oct
    White Desert, Egypt
    19 Oct 2024, 09:00
    White Desert, Egypt
    Hike the remote lunar landscape of one of the most incredible deserts in the world. Egypt's White Desert is an ancient seabed filled with chalk formations of the craziest kind, all shaped by the winds and sand storms over thousands of years.
  • From Wadis to Villages: Oman Adventure Tour
    From Wadis to Villages: Oman Adventure Tour
    Sat, 02 Nov
    02 Nov 2024, 09:00
    A 9-day adventure through the majestic lands of Oman. Our hikes are interspersed with visits to traditional villages and holy sites, remote wadis and magnificent canyons. There are nights in tents and nights in guest houses, days on the mountain roads and mornings in the bustling souqs.
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